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Digital Discount Card Fundraiser

Hello Bedford Band & Orchestra members and parents!

We are excited to announce our new Digital Discount Card Fundraiser! The digital card has offers from McDonald’s, Papa John’s, Bedford Falls Café, Russo’s Pizza, and many more. You’ll get one of the digital cards for FREE.

What makes this fundraiser so great and easy?

  1. No collecting of cash or having to keep track of order forms.
  2. It’s completely contactless.
  3. You can share your fundraising link right through your phone via text, email, Facebook, and more.

What’s to gain?

  1. $5 back to your student account for every card sold – you can sell as many as you’d like!
  2. $25 gift card to the top seller, $10 for 2nd and 3rd place.


  1. We are live now through Sunday, April 18th.

What’s the goal:

  1. 15 cards sold per member is the minimum, which should be enough cover your band camp fees.

Section of the Week is back!

  1. Everyone is separated into groups of woodwinds, brass, percussion, and strings.
  2. Whichever section sells the highest average of cards per member will win Section of the Week!
  3. And in addition to forever having those bragging rights, you’ll also get $10 for any product on the BBOP website.

If you are the band or orchestra member and have your own phone, please open the attached document OR watch the YouTube video below to get started. If you DO NOT have your own phone, please have a parent or guardian do so.