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Uniform Fitting-2021

Uniform fitting will be a little different for the 2021 marching band season. Even though the governor has adjusted COVID guidelines, we will be taking the same precautions that have been in place to keep everything sanitary and our families safe. If you have any questions, contact the Uniform Committee chairperson.

~~Fitting is in the BHS cafeteria this year,
NOT the band room. We will have more
room to space out!~~

We also need volunteers to help with the fittings. You just need to help the students get the uniform on and make sure it fits properly. Sign up here. Uniform Fitting Volunteer

If returning members don’t come in, your uniform could be given to someone else. Bring your $$ for shoes, shirt, shorts, hat, bag, water bottle & socks. The total for the under uniform & accessories is $95.00.

Returning Members (current 10th & 11th grade only):
June 15th – 5-7:40pm & June 16th 4:40-6pm – You will chose a 20 minute slot to come in and try on your uniform and order/pay for accessories if necessary.
RETURNING MEMBERS: Please check your shoes, shirt & shorts to make sure they fit and are in good condition prior to uniform fitting so you can order new ones if needed!
Click here to sign up for your time slot

New Members (current 8th & 9th grade):
June 16th 5:30-7:30pm, June 17th & 18th – 4:45-7:30pm – You will choose a 30 minute slot to come in and try on a uniform and order/pay for your “under uniform” & accessories (shirt, shoes, shorts, etc) Current 9th grade, if you purchased your “under uniform” & accessories this year, you do not need to purchase again.
Click here to sign up for your time slot