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Band Camp FAQs

I want to chaperone in the days or evenings, what do I do?

Sign-up online for a location and time.

When you get to campus, check in with Laurie Jones. You will be issued something to identify you as a BBOP chaperone, an emergency phone list, and an area to monitor. At the end of the evening, check in with Laurie Jones and return your chaperone identification. It is important to keep a close eye on our kids during free time as they are not the only students on campus.

It might be good to pack a folding lawn chair and keep it in your car. Seats may not be available where you are chaperoning. Bug spray and sunscreen is also a good thing to have on you.

I want to chaperone overnight, what do I do?

Sign-ups for overnight chaperones must be completed early and can be done online or contacting Laurie Jones directly at president@bbopbearcats.org

There will be a chaperone meeting the week of home camp to answer any questions or concerns. There is a background check that will need to be done before you can chaperone overnight. Please follow the instructions on the form. Contact us if you have questions.

Chaperones can check-in as early as 6:00 pm on the Sunday of away camp. They will receive a binder with floor plans, contact information, and any other important information for the day or week.

Overnight parking is in the lot next to the practice field.

What do I have to do as an overnight chaperone?

When you arrive, check in with Laurie Jones. You will be issued a dorm access card, room key, an emergency phone list, and something to identify you as a BBOP chaperone. At the end of your stay, check in with Laurie and return your access card, room key & chaperone identification.

On the first night, meet all the students and tape the floor contact list by the door. You can explain the importance of hygiene, how to use the blinds to have privacy in the dorm rooms, and answer any questions.

In the evenings, give a 10-minute warning before lights out. They should be done with the bathrooms and in their rooms BEFORE 11:00 pm.

At 11:00 pm, you will enter the room to visually verify the occupants and check them off. You will use masking tape to cover the door and jam in such a way that when the door is opened it is apparent.

If students would like to go to bed before 11:00, they can discuss with the floor chaperones and can get checked off/taped off beforehand. If needed, a chaperone will enter the room to verify occupants after the rest of the floor is checked in.

If a student needs to leave their room in the middle of the night, they will call the floor chaperones first and if they can’t reach you, they will call Laurie. If the student needs the nurse, call the nurse on duty to handle the situation and immediately appraise Laurie of the issue.

At 6:00 am, you will go door to door removing the tape. If the tape is not secure, contact Laurie Jones immediately to handle the situation. Those students are not to leave the room, but you can continue to remove tape from other doors.

Inform Laurie of any issues or concerns that happened overnight. If you plan to leave campus after wake-up, let her know beforehand so arrangements can be made for day chaperones.

Breakfast is at 7:30 am, and you should verify the floor is clear before going down to the dining hall. You should knock loudly on each door to make sure everyone is up and out of the rooms.

For Friday check-out, you can pack up early and move your car out of the way. Make sure the students clean up all their trash from the rooms. The rooms should be empty and doors open. Let Laurie Jones know of any damage.

What is the schedule for away band camp?

There is a tentative daily schedule in the band camp packet. They will try to stick to that schedule if the weather is accommodating. For instance, sectionals and field work may be swapped if there is rain in the afternoon.

Breakfast is at 7:30 am, Lunch is at 12:00 pm, and Dinner is at 6:00 pm (this subject to change and you’ll be notified during check-in of any changes). We go in as a group and they do a headcount as we enter.

What is the check-in procedure?

Check-in starts at 7:00 pm on Sunday. Check-in and the verification stations will be clearly identified, but you can ask any of the BBOP officers or chaperones if you have questions.

You will get a station card that will identify any area that needs verification at check-in. Each verification station will be set up to flow as listed on the card.

You will start with the Nurse’s station first. If you have any medical concerns you didn’t list, you can discuss it with the nurse.

Next station is the forms. We will check to make sure everything is completed and signed.

After that is the Cookie Shack. We ask $5 to cover the cost for the season, if not already paid.

Next is where you get the room key. The parent & the student will need to sign off that they understand that lost keys are $125 & that they will pay you back for that fine.

They must report to the Kennedy Center for the team meeting at 9:00 pm. “If you are on time you are late. If you are early you are on time.”

If for some reason you are not able to get checked in by 8:30, please contact Laurie Jones to let her know.

Students must be ready to be locked into their rooms by 11:00 pm.

During the first evening lock-in, we will be giving out garbage bags and a card with contact information for the floor the student is staying on & additional emergency contact information. Each student will meet the floor chaperones and can discuss any issues with them.

What is the check-out procedure?

At 1:00 pm on Friday after lunch, the students will be done. THEY WILL NEED TO CLEAN THEIR ROOM COMPLETELY AND LEAVE THE DOOR OPEN. All garbage should be bagged and placed in a designated area (ask your floor chaperone if you aren’t sure). A clean-up fee will be assessed to those students who leave their rooms dirty prior to checkout. We suggest your student PACK THE NIGHT BEFORE as much as they can to make check out smoother.

Once they are good to go, they will turn in their keys in the lobby. They can pick up any medication with the nurse then also.

What if I don’t have a way home?

A bus will be provided in the event that some students may not be picked up at the conclusion of band camp. The bus will transport the students back to BHS, not their homes. You will need to make arrangements to get home from the high school. Room is limited on the bus since the student and their luggage/items need to fit. Please notify us ahead of time if you need the bus.

Are parents/guardians allowed in the rooms?

NO. They are only allowed in the rooms during check-in and check-out. This is for the safety of all our kids.

During Family Night on Thursday evening, the kids can bring down anything that they want to send home early (dirty clothes, etc.). If you need to get something large from your child’s room, you will need to contact Laurie Jones and get an escort.

How are the boys and girls kept apart?

There are separate dorms for the boys and girls. Boys are not allowed in the girls’ dorm and vice-versa. They are connected by a lobby. There will be extra security measures in place to ensure they stay separated. The dorms are locked and only accessible at certain times during the day. During the evening, there will be parent chaperones monitoring the doors.

What is Family Night?

During the week, your kids work hard and this is an opportunity to see their progress. On Thursday at 7:00 pm, they will be on the field going through the whole show (weather permitting). After practice, you can visit with them until 10:50 pm, when they need to report back to their dorms. All visitors must be off campus by 11:00 pm.

Plan to bring a chair (and bug spray) if you want to watch them on the field. There is a lot of room to observe above the field.

What if the weather is bad? There have been years where we have had to dodge raindrops or move to another location completely. Any changes in the schedule will be sent via REMIND as soon as we know. Please make sure you are signed up for REMIND or send an email to bbopbearcat@gmail.com to get more information on notifications.

What is Seniors Night?

On Thursday night after they are checked into their rooms for the night, the directors & chaperones (who are willing to stay up!) will escort them to the Kennedy Center for activities. At the end of the activities, they will be escorted back to their rooms and checked in. They won’t be out too late because we have a packed Friday.

Is Wi-Fi available?

There is campus wi-fi, but the availability and reliability are not under our control. Do they really need to Google that anyway???

What should I pack?

There is a packing list in the Band Camp Packet. You should pack everything on the list. Check the weather closer to camp week to determine how hot/wet and pack accordingly. In any case, extra socks and shoes are vital!

This is a dorm and has 0 amenities.

There are bathrooms on each floor with sink, toilet (yes, they have toilet paper), and showers. We are responsible for keeping the communal bathroom clean. A fee will be charged to all if the bathrooms are not kept clean. So, they should treat it like they are visiting a favored friend or relative and not spill toothpaste all over the sink or flush inappropriate items!

Words of wisdom from previous band parents: THEY DO NOT NEED a TV/DVD player, Xbox or PlayStation, microwave, excessive snacks, or caffeinated beverages. They should be sleeping at night, not playing. They will be working hard, and it will show on the field if they do not sleep well. Any items brought to camp are at your own risk. BCSD & BBOP will not be responsible for damaged/lost/stolen items.

Freshman will have to carry any fridges to the top floor, so ask yourself if they really need that! Many previous band students said they really didn’t need that fridge…

They will be eating well and working hard. Snacks and beverages should be sent within reason. Many of us have brought home cases of beverages that were not touched, along with bags and bags of chips and cookies. They SHOULD NOT be consuming caffeine when working out. We understand that coffee, tea, or pop may be an essential component of life, but it will dehydrate your student, which can cause health issues, especially with all the hard work they will be doing. Seriously, check out studies on caffeine consumption with physical exercise.

They should stay hydrated. If they are not properly hydrated they will get sick. They received a 32 oz. Bedford Band and Orchestra water bottle as part of their new member accessory pack. They can fill it (or any other large water bottle) up at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. There will also be water jugs at the field they can fill up with. They will be sweating and will need to drink. Replacement bottles can be purchased through the band directors prior to band camp.

They should eat responsibly. A well-balanced diet is important, and they will be eating very well. While some students may say snacks are an essential part of band camp, ice cream and cookies alone will not get you through the evening field work. They will regret it and learn (ask any of the upper-class students)!!!  Please indicate any dietary needs when you turn in your paperwork and discuss during check-in.