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Posted by: | Posted on: September 3, 2021

Friday: Game at Home against Alliance. Students ARRIVE AT BAND ROOM AT 5:30. Wear LONG, PLAIN black socks, band shorts, band shirt, Dinkles band shoes. For spectators, you can expect to see our awesome band arrive at the scoreboard end at 6:30. Pregame show starts at 6:45. Game starts at 7 and should conclude around 9:30, so by the time we return to the band room and put instruments away, they’ll be ready for pickup around 9:45. *see note below about the Berwyn pickup plan.

THIS FRIDAY, we will need each family to send in snacks for the “Cookie Shack.”  Our band and the visiting band go to the shed at the back corner of the stadium (northeast end) after the halftime shows and are allowed to mingle during the 3rd quarter. It is a nice opportunity for them to meet each other, and a nice way for them to have some free snacks so they don’t spend as much money at the concession stands. Please send in to the band room a package of some kind of snack, preferably individually wrapped packages, if possible, of cookies, chips, granola bars, popcorn, candy, etc.  After this first week, to cover the other 4 home games, we will let you know what we need.  

Please sign up for volunteer opportunities.  

* EVERY game needs chaperones (“field” chaperones for home games and “bus” chaperones for away games) and uniform room helpers before and after games. 

* For home games we will need cookie shack and concession volunteers.  

* We also have informational/merch tables at the home games and other events, and we could use a few more student and parent volunteers there this Friday. 

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE sign up on the BBOP website to volunteer for as much as you can – We are grateful for any help, so if you can only do one or two games, great; or if you can help with many or most, that’s even better.  If you have questions (arrival times, job requirements, etc.), please contact the committee chairperson or a BBOP officer.  Concession volunteering has dates open for Saturday JV and Thursday 9th grade football games too. Your service there earns BBOP a greater portion of the proceeds, so please see if you can help out!

* Berwyn Pick-Up Area: Thank you to all who are using Berwyn for drop-off and pick-up. This really is the better option for us because the area behind the building gets tied up with other groups practicing or with buses bringing players and cheerleaders home on Friday night, etc.  We are sorry that last Friday’s pick up got dicey because the Berwyn lot is locked up while the construction dumpsters are there, and so parents were lined up on the street waiting where the buses drop off. Hopefully the dumpsters will be gone soon.

● Color Guard practice held every Wednesday from 5-7pm
● Full band practice will be held every Wednesday from 7:00 to 9:00pm (unless otherwise notified). Students are required to attend ALL practices.
● Memorization sessions are held every Thursday from 2:30 to 3:30pm after school, and at 3:30 the percussion section has Drum Maintenance. This gives the students an opportunity to work in their sections and check off their music, which is a factor in their grade for the quarter.

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