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The marching band season officially begins this week!

Posted by: | Posted on: August 19, 2021

Friday: Game at Nordonia. Students ARRIVE AT BAND ROOM AT 5:00. Wear LONG, PLAIN black socks, band shorts, band shirt, Dinkles band shoes.  

PARENTS: BE SURE TO SIGN UP FOR OUR “REMIND” ACCOUNT: When the bus leaves the away games, we send a message with an estimated time for you to pick up your student (USE BERWYN STREET LOT!! Football and cheerleading busses and parents will be behind the building.).  Generally, it’s between 10:00-11:00, depending on the distance we’re traveling and the duration of the game. (You should assume your kid’s phone battery will be dead at this critical time of the night, so please utilize this back-up tool).

From now on, per the District’s current pandemic protocols, any time a person is inside a school building or on a bus they need  to wear a mask. Students will need their instrumental masks (distributed during band camp) for indoor rehearsals, and they should store them in their instrument case because they are expected to have them EVERY TIME!!!

Please start signing up for volunteer opportunities.  

* EVERY game needs chaperones (“field” chaperones for home games and “bus” chaperones for away games) and uniform room helpers before and after games. 

* The first home game is on September 3, so we will need cookie shack and concession volunteers.  

* We also have informational/merch tables at the home games and other events. 

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE sign up on the BBOP website to volunteer for as much as you can – We are grateful for any help, so if you can only do one or two games, great; or if you can help with many or most, that’s even better.  If you have questions (arrival times, job requirements, etc.), please contact the committee chairperson or a BBOP officer.

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